Entrepreneurship Skilled Course in Travel and Tourism Management

The Entrepreneurship Course in Travel and Tourism Management is offered in both classroom lectures and hands-on training.

(Duration 15+1 Months)

Fee Structure:




Registration Fee


Basic Fee


Inaugural Fee


Advance Fee

11,000/- Per Month For 12 Months


About the course

The course gives you a lot of information about how to run a travel agency and how to be a good travel professional. A student can learn how to start his or her own travel agency. People who have done a lot of travelling before can help you during the class, too. Learn how to manage air, hotel, and holiday package deals. Learn air ticketing terms, rules, and regulations from around the world. Also learn where the most popular places to go on vacation. Make sure you know how to run the travel agency after you set it up and how to get leads and money from them. Another thing you can learn on Galileo is how to use automated electronic ticketing. You also learn about how a travel agency works and how it is run. The professional skills give the company an extra boost in its rapid growth.

What you'll discover

  • How to run a travel agency and how to be a good travel professional
  • Understanding the Aviation, Travel, and Tourism Industries
  • Learn how to become a travel professional in the areas of vacation packages and VISA assistance.
  • Educate and assist travelers by making use of airline and travel agency resources.
  • Rules and regulations in the workplace
  • Advertise and sell hotel and cruise packages as well as prepackaged tours.
  • Knowledgeable about the global supply chain.
  • Maintain customer loyalty by providing first-rate customer service.
  • Learn how to generate leads for a popular vacation destination.
  • Create a website and a Google Account for your business.
  • Learn Soft Skills to Prepare for the Rapid Growth of the Travel and Tourism Sector.

Important Subjects: Tourism, Travel, and Vacation Packages

  • Tourism Management
  • Domestic Destination Knowledge
  • Geographical structure (Physical & Political)
  • CSCS (Communication Skills & Customer service)
  • Transportation costing
  • Hotel/Vendor Contracting
  • Leads generation
  • Group Tour Management training.
  • Online Air Ticketing Training
  • Packages and Itinerary creation training
  • Travel/Visa Formalities
  • GDS (Amadeus)
  • English Speaking Courses
  • Books and literature

Additional Benefits of Entrepreneurship Course

The additional benefits you will get in this course, other than the Advance Skilled Course, are

  • Free Travel Website
  • Free Lead
  • Brand Marketing tools.
  • 1 Year Paid Staff Training
  • Festival Post Software
  • SEO/Digital marketing tools (Advanced training)
  • Sales & Marketing (Advanced training)

Personality Development Skills

  • The ability to communicate and write in English.
  • Enhance Your Listening Capabilities.
  • Confidence is built through presentation skills.
  • The Art of Public Speaking with Meeting Etiquette.
  • Good manners in the sales and customer care industry
  • Communication in the workplace
  • Management of Emails in a Professional Manner
  • The ability to use a computer and type
  • Ahead-of-the-Game Upgrades to Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, and Excel
  • Personal growth and self-motivation

Certificate Awarded

After successfully completing the course, you will get an Entrepreneurship Course in domestic travel and tourism management.

Job prospects

After completing this entrepreneurship Course, you will get the following benefits:-

  • One month free & Two months paid Internship
  • Job placement is 100% guaranteed.

Additional information:

The training will be very useful for people who want to learn about travel and tourism. There will be both lecture-based training (LBT) and computer-based training (CBT) in this course, where practical knowledge plays a big part. Students are given real-world examples to help them solve problems and be able to deal with the needs of passengers in the real world.